Homeopathic Dynamisation Machines

Homeopathic Dynamisation Machines

The Dynamic is a dynamisation machine designed for the preparation of homeopathic solutions based in water admixtures.

It is the unique machine complying Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) criteria, where each agitation is followed by a strong hit of bottle, this feature is essential to get the correct result of information recording on water. The process of transmission and information recording on water is very complex, but still there is no common explanation among scientific community. The information is recorded in liquid crystaline structures formed in water, the process of formation of such structures is promoted by the capture of electrons, in other words, oxygenation by dynamisation, besides formation of macrostructures is promoted by using multicomponent aqueous solutions, being these components bradly used and tested in homeopathy science. The final hit at the end of each agitation is essential, since restructures water molecules forming clusters, in the same way that a strong hit in a ferromagnetic material induces a restructuration of water molecules, turning out in a permanent magnet.

All dynamisation machines are made of aluminum and stainless steel, with a closed bodywork, forming a Faraday cage, so as to prevent any electromagnetic contamination of aqueous admixture coming from electrical mechanisms of machine.

     - Dynamic 100
     - Dynamic 101
     - Dynamic 101 + SWH

water molecule dispersed

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1. Dynamic 100

characteristics from dynamic 100

photo of dynamic 100

2. Dynamic 101

characteristics from dynamic 101

photo of dynamic 101

3. Dynamic 101 + SWH (Scalar Wave Homeopathic)

The integration of scalar wave transmission system SWH with Dynamic 101, enable us to produce water based homeopathic solutions of the higher power. Tinctures or biochemical substances are placed on receiver R1, and transmitter T, and this information will be transferred to water solution placed in the dinamisation machine named receiver R2. Both receivers R1, R2 and transmitter T of SWH are connected by scalar waves in resonance, communication is bidirectional among them. At the same time when bottle is shaken and hit, the water inside the bottle is being charged with the information placed in R1, the information is transported by scalar waves from R1 (tincture) to R2 (shaken bottle), this is, at same time that dinamisation induces in water crystaline structural transformations, the information is being recorded, in this way the information recording is the most stable possible, above any other homeopathic transfer system.

characteristics from dynamic 101 + SWH
photo of dynamic 101 + SWH